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You know that you want new flooring, but you aren’t sure what kind to choose. May we suggest carpet? Carpet has many benefits when compared to other types of flooring. You may think that you have too much traffic in your home. You may think that your allergies prevent you from having carpeting.

Let The Carpet Shop show you why neither of these things is true! We have been putting carpeting in homes and businesses in Sturgeon Bay, WI for years with fantastic results. Here are the truths about carpet:

• Allergies—Carpet fibers actually trap dust, pollen, and other allergies rather than allowing them to be kicked up into the air. With the right vacuum cleaner, you can remove more allergens from your carpeting than you can from hard flooring.

• Traffic—Carpeting comes in many styles, weights, and thicknesses. Tell us how your carpet will be used, and we can help you select the perfect brand and style. With regular vacuuming and steam cleaning, your carpet will stand up to high traffic remarkably well!

• Warmth—Carpeting helps keep your home warmer in the winter. Carpeting provides a barrier from the cold temperatures of your flooring and the air in your home.

• Coolness—Your carpeting, when installed on upper levels, helps to keep warm air from rising quickly through the ceilings into the rooms above.

There are many benefits to having carpet installed in your home or office. If you want carpeting but think that it won’t work, we invite you to call us! An expert carpet installer at The Carpet Store in Sturgeon Bay, WI will be happy to answer any questions that you have today!

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